Day 5 - June 14th

Community Event in Ruby

Historic Photo of Ruby

Just down river from Tanana, there are great examples of thawing, eroding permafrost along the Yukon River. There is a section nicknamed the bone yard, because people see mammoth tusks and other bones sticking out of the cliff face. The thawing permafrost in this section is very dangerous as falling chunks of ground could damage boats that venture too close.


Our third village on this trip is Ruby. A former mining town, Ruby was named after the red-colored rocks nearby that miners thought were rubies. With mining in the area, Ruby was once a town with over a 1000 residents. Major mining operations left after the WWII mining shut down. Today, Ruby is village with about 185 residents. The area is known for having traditional summer fish camps. Ruby and the area of our entire trip is with boreal forest, where residents can fish as well as collect berries for subsistence needs. Learn more about the boreal forest in the video below.


Ruby had problems with a large icing forming on one of their main roads. It made dangerous conditions for driving and soft ice where the water poured into the river. Today, there is still a little ice left and the road is a muddy mess. Pressurized groundwater underneath permafrost can come to surface as a water spring in thawed spots.


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Video on the boreal forest


Permafrost erosion

Permafrost erosion

Pingo Peat

Community event