Day 4 - June 13th

Community Event in Tanana

Walking in front of the school

Our second village we are visiting is Tanana. Our team visited Tanana on a separate trip in April 2016. We had a great turn out, that we are excited to return with new displays. The village of Tanana is where the Tanana River flows into the Yukon River, making a traditional trading location. In Tanana's history, trading posts and missionaries have come and gone. Ft. Gibbon was running in Tanana from 1898 to 1923 to maintain the telegraph line from Fairbanks to Nome.


More recently, Tanana was surrounded by forest fires in 2015. The smoke was so thick in the village, they had to turn the streetlights on during the day to be able to see. The village was partially evacuated for the health of the elderly and young children. Thankfully, winds shifted and the village never caught fire. Read more about the fire in this article. With climate change, scientists are predicting and currently observing hotter, more frequent forest fires in the boreal forest. Watch the video below to learn more. Please check back later as we will post more information after our trip.


Our team member Margaret flew in to Tanana to meet us. She was at ComSciCon17, a communicating science workshop. Below are some photos she took from her flight. The road to Tanana opened last year to help bring supplies in. There is no bridge across the Yukon River. During the summer, boats ferry supplies across the river to Tanana. During the winter, trucks drive across the ice to reach the village.

Video on forest fires and the boreal forest

Photo of the forest fire burn scar from our April 2016 trip


The road to Tanana

Flying in to Tanana

Made it to Tanana for our community event

Inside Tanana School's new greenhouse

Pingo Peat, the life-size inflatable mammoth in front of the community hall

Our community event