Day 1 - June 10th

Boats Goes to the Yukon River Bridge

The Yukon River Bridge and Boat Launch

Our journey begins in Fairbanks, Alaska, where trailer our boats and head 140 miles to the boat ramp beside Yukon River Bridge. From Fairbanks we will drive 84 miles up the Elliot Highway, which is mostly paved. Then an additional 56 miles up the Dalton Highway,  a dirt highway.  The Dalton Highway is better know as the Haul Road, built in the 1970s to accompany the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline. Today, the Dalton Highway is used by truckers hauling supplies to Prudhoe Bay at the center of Alaska's oil fields. Adventuresome motorists also drive the highway, mostly in summer. The road has been traversed by motorcycle gangs, bicyclists, walkers, and was the scene of Ice Road Truckers (Seasons 3 and 4).   The boat launch is on the north side of the river at the Yukon River Bridge, the only bridge across the Yukon in Alaska.


Our three boat captains with their boats left today to drive to the Yukon River Bridge. With heavy boats in tow, they are taking it slow driving up the Elliot then Dalton Highway. The drive is know for being in bad condition from thawing permafrost creating dips in the roads. They will launch their boats and make sure everything in working order before the rest of the team arrives tomorrow. Please check back later as we will post more information after our trip.

The Yukon River Bridge and Boat Launch Map

Matthew's Boat Hitched Up and Ready to Go

Checking the Tire Pressure. Safety First.

Boats Made it! GPS Tracker Map.