Interested in permafrost models and demos?

Landscape Models


We have created models of permafrost landscapes to show the interaction between surface features and permafrost. Our replicated models will be durable with modeled black spruce and deciduous trees and textural elements like soft, squishy moss and smooth, shiny ice wedges.



  • Ice wedge polygons - in tundra with high-centered, low-centered, and beaded stream exchangeable tops.
  • Hill within discontinuous permafrost - landscape and taiga forest.
  • Micro-ice lenses - magnified view of lenticular ice in soil.
  • Pingo model - with open or closed system variations.
  • Thaw lake - showing growing and draining phases.



Get a Teaching Kit


We are funded to replicate our Alaskan table top displays on permafrost and climate change. If you would utilize a set of models and demonstrations on permafrost for teaching, please email Margaret Cysewski at



We have created simple demostrations that use simulated permafrost, dirt and water frozen in a plastic tub. Our replicated demos will be made from durable products and simulate real permafrost thawing processes.



  • Permafrost engineering - a heated modelled house sinks into permafrost while the stilted house does not.
  • Water erosion - Water can erode permafrost quickly creating thermokarst pits (sinkholes) and erosion along coasts and river banks. A variation of the water erosion demo will include ice age mammal toys to bury, freeze, and discover with running water.
  • Field Kit - A kit with frost probes, measuring sticks, and a soil temperature probe.



We created games to engage children with science concepts. Our coloring sheets allow kids to take home concepts to share with family and friends.



  • Tipping Point Jenga - expresses how factors like thawing permafrost, warmer air temperatures, etc. will cause an unstable climate and a tipping point where we cannot go back to how it use to be.
  • Ice Age mammal skeleton puzzles
  • Coloring sheets - mammoth masks, ice age mammals, scientists at work, and permafrost features.

Maps, Posters, and Videos


During the course of our project we have utilized as well as created content that include maps, posters, and videos. These would be reproduced and included in the kits.



  • Virtual Permafrost Tunnel tour - inside a portable planetarium
  • Permafrost maps - Alaska and Circumpolar Arctic
  • Posters and videos - explaining permafrost and climate change concepts and processes