We developed numerous hands-on displays on permafrost and climate change, including real permafrost samples and bones, models, and demos. We select from these displays to travel with to rural, Alaskan communities and host community events. Click through the panels below to explore what we have developed.

  • Permafrost Close-Up

    Permafrost Sample

    Ice Wedge Sample

    Dirt, Vegetation, and Bone Fragments from the Permafrost Tunnel with a Microscope

  • Landscape

    Ice Wedge Polygonal Ground Model

    Thaw Lake Evolution Model

    Micro-lens ice model

    Permafrost Maps

    Discontinuous Permafrost Landscape Model

    Satellite Imagery of Location to Identify Permafrost Features

  • Ice Age

    Several ice age mammal bones collected from permafrost on loan from the UA Museum of the North. The bones are with vegetation fossils and a large poster depicting the ice age mammals in Alaska.

  • Demos

    Trail Scars

    Permafrost Foundations

    Water Erosion

    Taking Measurements on Soil Profile

    Real Scientist Tools to Take Measurements

  • Games

    Ice Age Mammal and Permafrost Coloring Sheets and Masks

    Climate Change Jenga

    Creating Ice Wedge Polygonal Ground Pattern

  • Life Size

    360° Virtual Permafrost Tunnel Tour in a Portable Planetarium

    Life Size Mammoth Named Pingo Peat